Alison Paese
Founder of Foras de Série
Ana Paula Wehba
Business, special projects, and events director
André Vasco
Social communicator, musician, and creative entrepreneur
Andreas Kisser
Guitar player, musician, and songwritter
Antonio Prata
Writer, columnist, and screenwriter
Arthur Veríssimo
Journalist, radio host, documentalist, and lecturer
Bárbara Bono
Head of Content & Creation at FCA Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
Bettina Boklis
Marketing Director
Bianca Comparato
Actress, producer, director, and member of Rio Games
Bruno Cremona
Sponsorship and Event Manager
Bruno D’Angelo
Creative producer
Bruno Honda Leite
Chief Designer/Creative Audiovisual Director at at Mauricio de Sousa Produções
Daniel Magnanelli
Partner and business director at MediaMonks
David Diesendruck
Redibra’s CEO, his brand extension agency
Diana Boccara
Filmmaker and hostess
Emerson Cação
Marketing Director
Felipe Braga
Showrunner, screenwriter, and producer
Felipe Solari
Host and podcaster
Flavia Hecksher
Marketing Director
Gabriel Bá
Comic book artist
Gabriela Moura
Creative Content at Publicis and writer
Gustavo Giglio
Business partner at Update or Die and Curator/Head of Content at Unlock CCXP
Gustavo Ziller
Greenmed California Co. co-founder
Helena Hilario
Executive producer and founder of Stratostorm
Janaina Augustin
Innovation director at O2 Filmes
Janara Lopes
Founder and creative director at IdeaFixa
Julien Bolbach
VFX Supervisor at MPC - Moving Picture Company
Leonardo Araujo
Lucas Mathias
Product e Content Marketing at MindMiners
Marcela Miranda
Trigg’s cofounder
Marcos Saraiva
Commercial Development Manager at Mauricio de Sousa Produções
Mônica Sousa
Commercial executive officer at Mauricio de Sousa Produções
Omar Téllez
VP of Strategic Partnerships at Niantic, Inc.
Otavio Juliato
Omelete&Co’s CCO and CCXP’s Cofounder
Patricia Muratori
Head of YouTube Brazil
Paulo Lima
Publisher and founder of Trip Editora
Pierre Mantovani
Omelete Company's CEO
Ralph Peticov
Hacktown’s Cofounder e Experience Designer
Ricardo Dias
Marketing VP at Ambev
Ricardo Laganaro
Immersive experiences director
Rita Moraes
Founder, business development, producer at LB Entertainment
Rodrigo “Bill” Abecia
Manager for artists, such as Sepultura, Marina de la Riva, Bruna Caram, and Manuche
Sidney Gusman
Chief editor for Universo HQ & manager of editorial planning of Mauricio de Sousa Produções
Tereza Gonzalez
Senior Director at Viacom International Studios
Tom Gil
Customer service director at W/McCann and manager for the Brazilian metal band Sepultura